Origami Craze Origami Paper


Origami is a practice that dates back to at least the 17th century. Although the Japanese may not have been the only or even the first culture to engage in paper-folding art, it is the one that is credited as having turned it into a beautiful and respected art and discipline.

Origami Craze hopes to continue the tradition of bringing the art of origami to the masses with our line of origami paper.

Origami Craze paper was created in response to artists’ demand for two characteristics: modern design and a traditional ability to hold a crease. The earliest origami designs were often monotone or, at most, dual-colored. The 225 sheet pack of Origami Craze paper comes in 15 vivid and contemporary colors, giving modern origami artists more
options for expressing creativity without sacrificing the traditional quality that has long been associated with origami paper. Origami Craze is light and flexible enough to fold with ease and strong enough to hold its folds without the use of tools or adherents.

Our 500 sheet origami paper pack is called “The Ultimate Color Economy Pack”. This package is a 20-color, 500-sheet package of top-quality Origami paper. This product offers more colors in a single economy package than any other Origami paper currently on the market.