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Family Fun

Origami paper is wholesome fun that the whole family can enjoy together. It provides a simple alternative to video games and electronics that provides endless fun!

Arts & Crafts

Origami folding paper is timeless fun for kids of all ages, and endless design possibilities inspire creativity.

Classroom Art Projects

Teachers looking for a cost-effective option for arts and crafts projects, look no further! Students will love sharing their ideas and designs and working together to complete larger projects.

Welcome to Origami Craze, the leading web community for everything related to origami. 

Our Goal

Our goal at Origami Craze is to bring the art of origami to the world! We believe that Origami is not only a fun hobby for everyone of all ages, but it is also a very creative art form.

Origami Tutorials

Not only do we bring you the most important topics related to Origami, we also provide you with extensive tutorials to teach you fun origami designs.

Origami Paper

On top of providing you with this comprehensive community, we are also makers of the world’s finest origami paper called “Origami Craze”. Please check it out in our products section.

Video Tutorials

Origami Owl Tutorial

The Origami owl or “fukurou” is among the crane and the fish as one of the most popular Origami designs.  

Origami Fish Tutorial

If you’ve ever tried your hand at making the popular Origami crane, you might recognize some of the folds

Origami Raven Tutorial

If you’ve done Origami before, you’ll see that the Origami raven, or Yatagarasu, uses many of the folds you are already familiar with. 

Origami Crane Design Video Tutorial

The origami crane is one of the most popular origami designs. The crane, which stands for luck, hope and joy,

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